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Advanced e-Commerce and IT consulting


Your company's advanced online shopping website

We use our native e-commerce technology, the result of years of research and development, to create your high-level market place.
We provide you with all the necessary tools to manage the end-to-end process.


Why do you have to choose Coralmond?

We know this practice, it's our job!
We provide you all the necessary tools to manage the entire process starting from your products stock to reaching lot of satisfied customers who are about to make again a purchase on your portal.


We create your e-commerce in few days providing the support you need to setup your virtual store


We synchronize your stock via API or data feed and we provide useful stuffs to speed up the products creation process


Our advanced and integrated SEO system ensures that your search engines ranking benefits you with competitors


Your e-commerce can be 100% multilingual and is combined with our SEO engine to make you competitive abroad


Integrated end to end order management system, including communications with the customer


Ability to manage the shipping countries, creation of different shipping methods for each country with pricing tables based on shipping country, shipping method, cart weight and total cart amount


Integrated customer relationship management system.

Customer Engagement

Management of automated communications in order to to increase conversions. ex: cart leave, products back in stock, expiring vouchers etc.


Loyalty system give 1 point for every euro spent. The customer has the opportunity to choose from the vouchers basket set as goals


The customer pays by credit card, cash on delivery, PayPal balance or bank transfer and the collection of your orders ends up directly in your bank account


Our promotional engine allows you to create or schedule any type of discounts on products, categories or brands even for a limited time. The management of discount vouchers, welcome vouchers, happy birthday vouchers etc. is also integrated.


Automated electronic invoices on countries and orders where requested.


Our integrated campaign management system allows you to send newsletters created ad hoc, both in content and in layout, automatically customized for each customer on the basis of artificial intelligence datas.

Social + Market

Your web site is integrated with the main social networks. Your products catalog is automatically synchronized on Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping and the main market places.


Our analytics engine monitors your e-commerce and allows you to monitor the entire processes

Custom Pages

Ability to create special pages about your company or promote certain products or discounted items

Blog / News

Ability to create pages with news or articles to increase the loyalty of your visitors


Our platform complies with the new European rules, EU Regulation 2016/679, valid since May 2018 regarding the protection of individuals with regard to the processing and free movement of personal data.


Open source technologies, services and software
integrated part of our solution

Kubernetes + Docker + CDN + MemCache

We use the most advanced and widespread technologies for resource orchestration, continuos delivery and continuos integrations, content delivery network system and memory caching


Our platform integrates with Sengrid to manage all transactional, inbound, outbound email communications

Facebook Pixel

Our platform integrates with Facebook Pixel which allows you to measure your advertising campaigns, optimize them and define their audience.

Google Analytics

Our platform integrates with Google Analytics to monitor all site traffic and conversions

Google Translate

Our platform integrates with Google Translate to help you, if you need it, in drafting the translations

Our platform integrates with Google Optimize to schedule A / B tests useful for increasing conversions

Google Shopping

Our platform integrates with Google Shopping to synchronize your product catalog for any marketing campaigns


Some success stories on Coralmond platform


Among the best online wine shops, the Collovà wine shop ranks among the main national and international reference sites for the purchase of prestigious wines. More than 2400 labels from more than 450 wineries. The widest choice of the most prestigious world wines and beyond.


Among the most renowned on-line clothing stores in Italy and Europe. The fashion reference with more than 70 brands and 10,000 articles. The group has more than 60 years of history and is becoming a reference site in this market.


Leading company in the Italian canned fish market. With 70 years of history, it is a company that is characterized by the handmade processing and conservation of products by skilled and experienced people, according to the most ancient Sicilian traditions.


Since 1987 clothing store in Cefalù. Ranks of brands in the store including Emporio Armani, Twinset, Pin-Up and Sundek


A history of art and goldsmith tradition, a creative journey that began in 1980. Sicilian creativity, merging with ethnic memory, has shaped bronze and brass transforming them into beautiful jewelry and earrings. 


Clothing store for men and not only with more than 20 prestigious brands.

What we have told you is only part of what we already offer

Tomorrow there will be something more !!!
We works every day to improve the platform.
New features are released weekly

something about Coralmond

We have experience in development, requirements analysis, project management, UI / UX design, IT architectures and commerce.
We work with "Agile" methodologies and we like to work "Design Thinking" oriented

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Send us your information request by email at info@coralmond.com we will contact you as soon as possible.


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